Violet's Natural Laundry Powder Unscented 500gm

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500gm = 20 washes - Un-scented 100% Natural Laundry Powder - Allergy friendly - Vegan - Kind to Skin- Biodegradable -We declare all our ingredients -Septic tank friendly - Ethical & Cruelty Free - Made in UK. Developed especially for sensitive skin. Robust Cleaning power with excellent results for all fabrics including cloth nappies and sports wear.Ingredients: Handmade wild harvested Seaweed soap - Sodium Sesquicarbonate - Sodium Carbonate - Sodium Percarbonate - Natural Zeolite. Customers say "Fantastic. This product has stopped a patch of eczema on my son's leg,also stopped itchiness that I was suffering. Thank you so much. X. " Better for baby's ezcema" and "The Violet's laundry is brill.." "We've been using Violet's powder which has been fantastic and my daughter's skin is the best it's been in ages." "My Health Visitor told me about the soap no dry skin rashes."

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