Ultima Water Softener Tablets essential Waitrose 15 x 15g

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15 Waitrose Ultima laundry water softener tablets. Protects the washing machine from limescale, and improves laundry wash results. Regular use protects the machines heating element, pipe and drum. Helps reduce energy and repair bills. - Prepare and Use: Directions for use: Simply unwrap the tablet then place the tablet in the back of the drum of your machine. Load your laundry then add the laundry detergent following the dosage for Soft Water. Select the correct wash programme for your load (without pre-wash). Keep the tablet in its protective wrapper until required. Recommended for all washing machines. Do not overload the machine. Suitable for use at all temperatures.Handwashing: These tablets are suitable for handwashing of laundry. Dissolve tablet before adding detergent and laundry. Hand care: After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. Users with sensitive or damaged skin should wear suitable gloves. Further colour fastness and fabric care information printed on the packaging

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