Najel Aleppo Soap Stain Remover 200g

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Najel Aleppo Soap Stain Remover 200gAs a complement to Najel detergent, this stain removing soap can be used to get rid of even the most stubborn stains before machine or hand washing. Olive oil, well known for its cleaning and grease removing properties when saponified, is the key ingredient of this natural Aleppo Soap.Composition

30% and more of soap.History

The first primitive soap was made of wood ash and other plants, obtained by extracting with water. The ashes of halophytes - plants of the Mediterranean region - such as Soapwort, Salicornia and Soda were particularly effective in soap manufacturing. The cleansing properties of these alkaline solutions were probably discovered by chance. The French word 'savon' (soap) is said to come from the name of the Italian city, Savona, where large quantities of soap were manufactured during the 9th century AD. The earliest reference to soap manufacturing goes back to 2,800 BC. To make soap at that time, they boiled fat and added ashes. And it seems it was as a result of trial and error that Gallic and Germanic tribes finally discovered the process of saponification. In the Middle Ages, soap was primarily used for washing clothes. In the 7th century, Arabian merchants introduced soap bars to the people of Europe and very rapidly, soap manufacturing became a well-established craft in Europe. Soap manufacturers organized themselves into craftsmen's guilds, jealously protecting their trade secrets and soap production began to differentiate itself from one region to another.UtilizationFor stubborn stains, simply wet the area to be treated, rub on soap and leave for a few minutes.Najel also recommends its use in shampooing your pets. In fact, this Aleppo Soap, made entirely from olive oil, is totally safe for animals and will leave their coat clean and silky.