Distinctive Superior Washing Powder - Masculine Fragrance

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Distinctive - The worlds first biological designer fragranced washing powder for men. Its uniquely fragranced with the opulence of amber, balanced with the calming notes of sandalwood. A combination that has been known for centuries as the ultimate blend for seduction. We also think you'll agree it leaves the wearer smelling desirably expensive. Our 'magic ingredient' acts like a sticky bud, anchoring fragrance to your clothes, and helps your clothes stay scented for longer. It's a base fragrance, so it won't clash. The protease enzyme works best at just 30/40 degrees so its also an environmental wash for a really deep down clean. It's 100% designer label safe because we've ensured it doesn't contain any optical brighteners, the UV dyes which reflect light and make whites look whiter but cause premature ageing to coloured fabrics and are harmful to the environment. So you really can throw in a mixed load of washing and set the dial to 30 degrees and go.....

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