Daz Regular Powder 85 Washes 5.525kg

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For use on all type of white and colored textiles 20-95C for whites and 20-60C for colors except wool and silk. Contains an advanced surfactant system delivering excellent performance even at low temperature as of 20°C. Delivers great cleaning results even without pre-washing or pre-soaking. Contains brightening agents, activated oxygen bleach system and high technology enzymes. Helps prevent tough stains, especially on particulate stains and cotton, from setting in by untangling the fabric fibers. In your washing machine or by hand, Daz powder helps you to get rid of tough dirt. Thanks to its special formula, the powder dissolves deep into the fibres to help provide you with great cleaning and brilliant whiteness. Just pop some into your washing machine dispenser and wait for the results. Deep cleaning action in 1 wash, try it on tough dirt. New More Concentrated Deep cleaning action in 1 wash 85 washes per pack based on 65g per wash Tips for saving water, energy, C02 and money Avoid underfilling the machine Dose according to soil and water hardness - use the dosing instructions Wash at low temperature Save packaging - recycling or refill

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