Colour Care Bio Automatic Washing Powder essential Waitrose 800g

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Waitrose Ultima Automatic Washing Powder Colourcare. Stain release action. Helps keep your colours bright. Contains no bleach. BiologicalStain Release Action: This powder has an effective stain release action to help protect clothes from soil. Stain release action - what is it? This washing powder contains an active ingredient that combats both oil and grease stains on polyester and polycotton fabrics which normal powders find difficult to remove. During the wash, a barrier is formed that helps prevent future stains from becoming attached to the surface of your garments. The stains are then removed with the barrier which is instantly replaced at every wash - Prepare and Use: Usage: Always follow manufacturers instructions for use and loading of machine. Pour the powder into your main wash dispenser drawer and select the appropriate programme.Soaking and handwashing: Dilute 100mls of powder in 10 litres of water, and disperse thoroughly before use. Do not soak in an enamel bath. Always rinse garments thoroughly. Items suitable for soaking are mainly those washable at 60°C or 95°C. Do not soak non-colourfast fabrics, silk, wool or leather articles, or garments with metal fasteners or flame resistant finishes. For wool, silk and delicate fabrics you may wish to use Waitrose Ultima Delicate Wash which is particularly suitable for the gentle washing and care of this type of item

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