Calgon Tablets Water Softener 30 per pack

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Calgon Water Softener Tabs 30 tablets = 435g - Protects heating element from over working and breaking down. - Protects drum and plastic parts from becoming incrusted. - Protects rubber pipes' surfaces from deterioration. - Helps keep a cleaner washing machine as dirt and detergent residues can rinse away more easily. - Use in every wash at every temperature. Recommended by: Whirlpool Bosch AEG Electrolux Ignis Siemens Bauknecht Calgon prevents limescale damage. - Maximum Efficacy for all vital parts of washing machine: metal, plastic and rubber. Your washing machine works better! - Better cleaned garments (using detergent manufacturers' recommended dosage). - Less risk of rough feeling laundry. - Saving on detergent dosage. - Lower electricity consumption (vs encrusted machine). Calgon and you. Save Energy: by keeping your heating element free of limescale. Calgon helps your washing machine remain energy efficient. Our carbon footprint. Our global factories are carbon neutral - we are planting more than 2 million trees through our Trees for Change project (). Our packaging. Made of recycled paper (90%). - Prepare and Use: Use calgon in every wash and at all temperatures. Just remove the foil and put one tablet in the main wash compartment of the dispensing drawer on top of the laundry detergent. Dose the quantity of laundry detergent recommended for soft water. For best results use with phosphate free detergents.

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