Bold Powder White Lily & Crystal Rain 85 Washes 5.525Kg

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For use on all type of white and colored textiles 30-95C for whites and 30-60°C for colors except wool and silk. Its special formula delivers an outstanding fabric softness and fluffiness. Friendly to skin. Contains brightening agents, activated oxygen bleach system and high technology enzymes. Experience the simple pleasure of Bold 2in1 freshness & softness all day, every day. It's the little things that turn a good day into a great one, like waking up to a cup of tea in bed, the fresh scent of home on your favorite jumper, or that big hug from the kids when you walk through the door in the evening. Bold 2in1 has an amazing combination of detergent and fabric softener, which is just another little thing that can make a difference for you and your family. Bold 2in1 makes your day New More Concentrated Enjoy the freshness all day long 85 washes per pack based on 65g per wash For an even more intense freshness and softness, try Bold with Lenor Fabric softener. Tips for saving water, energy, C02 and money Avoid underfilling the machine Dose according to soil and water hardness - use the dosing instructions Wash at low temperature Save packaging - recycling or refill

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