Almawin Organic Washing Powder 5 Kg

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Ingredients:Active washing substances of natural raw materials. Saccharoidal surfactants, pure soap Fatty Alcohol Sulphates, Phyllosilicates, Citric acid, Soda, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Sodium Salts of Polyaspartic Acid, Natural Rice Starch, oxygen based bleaching agent , bleaching activator, Proteases non genetically modified. We use only non genetically modified enzymes (proteases) from non geneteically modified micro-organisms. Without optical brighteners, filling agents and preservatives. With natural essential lavender oil.Using Heavy Duty Washing Powder Concentrate: Place laundry directly into the drum of your washing machine. Pour Alma Win Heavy Duty Washing Powder Concentrate directly onto the laundry or into the main washing compartment. Dose correctly. Please follow the garments washing guidelines. Advice for people with allergies: Rinse laundry thoroughly, perform a second rinsing cycle. Tip: To lift stubborn stains, apply Alma Win All purpose Washing Cream directly to the area as a pre treatment before washing. For extra whitening and to eliminate discolouration we recommend Alma Win Oxygen Bleaching Agent Concentrate to the pre-wash programme.